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The dendrites might be the most important substance in students brains and threw our whole body. The stronger the dendrites are, the more you can memorize in a short amount of time. This makes your memorize last longer, and it is capable of a better memorizations. Our dendrites are connected to all of our body which forms a nervous system that stimulates brains connection with the device called axon. With the system of dendrites we are capable of a longterm memory and feel senses because the dendrites sends signals to the brain that something has injured your body or etc. This system amazed me and I realized how longterm memorization work. If you can manage your dendrites to survive, then you can manage your memorization in a longer amount of time.

Citation: http://www.icr.org/article/thinking-about-brain/


I finally finished the great war in the battle field called the “school:, and the “academy.” After I finished fighting in the battle field called “academy”, I walked toward the subway station. I was backbreaking because of the great fight, however I finally found peace sitting on the subway train. Suddenly I felt a small head laying down on my shoulder.
I was suddenly surprised, a young boy was sleeping beside me with his head laying on my shoulder. He had round eyes that were closed, round and tangled face, slightly smiling. He wore a blue T-shirt with white strips, and jeans that matched the color of his T-shirt. I guess he thought I was his mom, so he grabbed my hand tight with his tiny little paw like hand. I thought he was cute, so I let him grab my hand.
Suddenly, he opened his wide shinny eyes, and started to wander around the subway. He stopped at where I was and he catches my eye and suddenly wept heavily in front of me.
Everyone suddenly all glanced at me thinking I did something bad to him. I had no choice but to take him out of the subway and talk to him why he was crying. “ Who are you, and why are you weeping so bad?” I asked, and he replied “Where’s my mom?” and started sobbing again.
I didn’t know what to do. I thought it was the wrong thing to let him sleep by my side, but if I leave him here, I would feel guilty and would feel sorry for him for the rest of my life. I decided to find his mom, and so we went up and asked the manager that I found a lost child in the subway. However, he replied “ sorry but I can’t help you because I am too busy”. I was in amazement. I never met a person so ignorant like this. I asked him “ can you just give an announcement on the station or something?” but he ignored me and started to pretend working on his computer. I was so mad I banged the door and angered, “ can you just listen to me for god sake?”. He suddenly rose up in his chair, threw his key board mouse to me and screamed “ xxxx off!!!!!!!!” and slammed the door shut.
I was furious. I didn’t care if the little boy cried or not. I thought the subway system would not go regularly because of this guy, and so I decided to do the right thing.
I called the police that there is a person who is physically abusing me with a weapon. Suddenly 3 minutes later, 5 policemen arrived in the subway station and arrested the subway manger. I thought I did the right job, and I was just happy.
I happily hopped back on the subway and sat down on the seat next to a young child…. “wait, a young child?”


I believe I have been successful with the way I work, through the evidence of my tests. In all of my tests in the year, I have received full exemplary with a few proficiencies. However, in order to be more successful, I believe I can attend Mr. Trotter’s buddy system, which is a system of paired buddies; which one buddy will assist the other buddy who needs a little bit of help in geometry. This will make me more successful, by helping me understand what I’m teaching more efficiently, as I teach others what I know. The successfulness of my strategy in attending the buddy system will be measured through test scores, whether or not there is an increase of scores or a decrease.


During geometry class, I work the way I need to. The way I work, is to first independently solve class tasks, and then when there is something I don’t understand, I would ask those who do to explain it to me. I believe it is better to ask my peers than ask my teacher because it benefits us both as they learn more by teaching it to me, and I learn more by them explaining it to me. This also applies vice versa. Whenever people ask me for help, I’d help them not only because it would benefit them, but because it would benefit me also.


The heart has a natural pacemaker which means that it goes for the lifetime if it does not get disabled by some causes, and it sends out electrical impulses on the top atrium, and generates a pump on the blood onto the ventricle. Then, the electrical impulse will be conducted to the ventricle through a form of “junction box” called the AV node(the middle of the heart).
I think the function of the heart and the brain is the most interesting part of the human body. It is just so amazing that living organs can actually think, and command our functions of our body. Also, the heart is where it generates blood with such complicated blood vessels. Not just for humans, but all living being that has a heart could pump forever while they are living and you would not notice a lot that your heart is pumping constantly, even when your sleeping.



I believe that the Universal perspective is always different from just your point of view. You might think that a major injure might be a great damage. However, in a universal point of view, it could just look as a minor damage that everybody had experienced. Moreover, we cannot expect that this higher ethical consciousness will become universal. There will always be people who don’t care for anyone or anything, not even for themselves. we are part of this world and there is a desperate need to do something now about the conditions in which beings live and die. we need to desperately help them, not just living with our wealth and honor. I will now change my lifestyle to a more universal perspective which I will be willing to help the lower class who are on the case of life and death. Life is not just about ourselves. Our society runs by all this universal movement. This is why we need to keep maintaining our universe. We will know that you have not lived and died for nothing, because you will have become part of the great tradition of those who have responded to the amount of pain and suffering in the universe by trying to make the world a better place. I will first set my priority to a goal where this universe will move on without any suffer. And for now, I have the goal of saving many people in a poor country and to bring peace to the nations that are in war. It is our generation to end all the violent history and start with the history of peace and liberty.

The three primary weapon types are foil, epee, and sabre (or saber).

A foil is long, narrow, and flexible mostly in the vertical direction, if you are holding it. Practice foils will have a rubber tip on the end, but competition (electric) foils will not – they will have a small spring-loaded metal tip that determines if you hit someone hard enough to score a touch. These tips are not sharp, and will not break the flesh. Foils are intended for stabbing, not slashing.

An epee is similar to a foil, but it is less flexible. It is also a stabbing weapon.

The sabre is a slashing weapon and can be easily identified by their larger bell guard that protects the fencer’s hand. Sabres are very flexible and can be whipped around quite easily.

Citation for the picture: http://postfiles11.naver.net/20101122_298/petiteguy_12903921018957bpe8_JPEG/fencing-weapons_1.jpg?type=w2

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