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– Born in 1922, Daegu catholic family. He got caught believing in Jesus and he went to jail for a while.

– He contributed to fight against the invasion of the Japanese and earned faith from many citizens.

– At 1968 March 28th, he became the highest class pope in Korea.

1. Kim Soo Hwan cardinal. He had spent his whole life helping poor people and lived worshiping god. He was the one who changed our country to a brighter and a trustworthy country by giving salvation to many people who were desperate to live and a failure living people. he forsake all of his riches to the poor children in Korea, and helped many who didn’t have enough money to go to college. He is the true one who saved our country from decaying and he is the one who had lived a successful life helping others.

– Joined the UNICEF organization in 2007.

– 2007 She became the leader of the UNICEF organization.

– Earned a prize called future perfect: A model for professional development at 1987

2. Carly Stern(UNICEF CEO) – She is the one who is saving thousands of children a day. She had saved millions of poor children world wide. She is also the one who organizes UNICEF as the leader. She also won the award called “25 greatest mom we love” in December 2000. She organized a women emergency fund to help not just children but also children.

– Born in Francisco and was adapted by Clara Jobs.

– Started to work as an engineer when he was young.

– Created apple at 1976.

– Retearned to apple at 1996

3. Steve Jobs(Apple CEO) – He is the one who never fears with failure. He is one of the greatest role model to the 21st century children. He was the one who really enjoyed his own work. He was the one who resolutely persuaded the higher class people to help him, and to be successful in every company he made. He is also one of the greatest CEO who is a master at persuading. He is the founder of PIXAR and Apple.





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