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About Guangzhou Asian game

This is the logo for 2010 Asian Games that is happening in Guangzhou, China. Guangzhou Asian Games is the 16th Asian Games, and it is starting on November 12th. Guangzhou Asian Games will be end in November 27th.
On the top right corner, there is a shape that kinds of look like a Sun, and that is the official logo of Asian Games. It’s motto is “Ever Onward.” The slogan of 16th Asian Games is “Thrilling Games, Harmonious Asia.”
The main stadium of this years Asian Games is located in Haixinsha Island. The 2010 Asian Games will feature 42 events thorough out 16 days. All 45 members of Olympic Council of Asia are participating in the Games.


For more news: http://www.livetradingnews.com/guangzhou-asian-games-opens-27792.htm


The life being in a regular school and being in a rich school…

I have a friend who usually went to my same elementary school which was private. However, when he went to middle school, he went to a public school. He said when he first went there, there were some lower class guys such as the bully, and the middle class guys which are normal and have some friends hanging out which are the 90%, they have the elite class where they are the study major, and the highest class are the one who is the fighter for their class where they fight with other classes. We call them Il Jin in Korean. He then made a friend who was one of them and started to hang around with those guys and soon became like them too. He smoked, he drank, and fought with other guys. His life was totally messed up after that. However in this school, no bulley, no Il Jin(some posers), 99% regular guys. So we have to thank our parents for not sending us on regular school.


Source: http://secretgeek.net/4TypesOfStupid.asp

The theory of miasma

I read an article recently about the miasma theory. The basic theory about the miasma theory is proposed that all diseases such as cholera are all caused by miasma. It is simply meaning a noxious form of bad air. Miasma was considered a poisonous vapor filled with particles form decomposed with matter and other identifiable substances which contained a toxic smell. The theory of miasma was popular during the middle ages, and continued to be popular during the middle ages and continued to be popular up to the mid 1800’s. However, the theory was proved wrong and the professor explained why the theory was wrong. First of all, there are a lot more diseases such as germs and other harmful infections, and also, there are many diseases around this universe and that the diseases are all because of the miasma is just very old minded thinking. It was considered a very popular infection during the old days, however, many are gone these days and I believe that the germs are evolving every second we invent a new vaccine. So, these are the reason why the theory of miasma is wrong.

< The picture above is when the old people thought there was a witch who ate all the people up>

Miasma, the theory of disease: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miasma_theory_of_disease

Life on Korea

When I was young I lived 4 years in China, and 4 years in America. When I was in America, life was all about playing around and I thought I didn’t need to study very hard if i lived in America. But after I turned 8 and when I arrived in Korea, things were a lot more different. When I first arrived in school, I saw a yellow, dusty old fashioned soccer field, and a red blocked school. When I entered the class, they were quiet, and focused on the teacher so badly, they didn’t even notice I entered the classroom. It was a complete disaster for me. I just thought, how am I suppose to live my whole 10 years like this. The first thing I did when I arrived in the class was a spelling test. And it was when I didn’t know Korean at all. I got a 0 on my test score, and I got punished my getting hit in the feet. It was a complete prison. I couldn’t even cry because I was too scared. And when I arrived home, I just kept thinking of going back to America. But I was alone, I didn’t know what to do…

And then after I went to school for a month, I met a friend who was interested in my weird conglish. I thought she was an angel who gave me chance to speak when I was alone. I then followed her every day and became friends with her. And soon, as I became more fluently on Korean, I became friends with numerous people, including older brothers and sisters, I became a school president when I was in 6th grade and I liked the living in Korea better than any other places. And I realized, that friendship is very important in human living…

The difference between the one who are born with talent, and the one who are made to be talented

What I think, is that in this world, there are two people who differs to brighten this society. The one who are born to have a natural talent, or the one who are made to be a talent. The ones who are born to be talented at something are the one who doesn’t try very hard as others because they know that they are smarter than others. However, the ones who try harder than anyone in their region will go over the ones who are talented and they mostly could achieve what they can. However, the one who is over the one who can be over the one who tries hard is the one who enjoys what they are doing and having fun in their life time. I will become one of the three when I become an adult and find my way. But! for right now, because I am in the region called Korea where we get under pressured by hard working in academies and school, I should first survive my teenage life.

About the first Basketball game…

Wednesday, we had a first game in KIS versing SIS. We knew the opponent was very good and was almost the best JV players, but we still believed we could win the game. We were all rounded up and was ready for the game. And then, we had an unfortunate call from the sports counselor. He said if we had glasses, we couldn’t play the game. We were horrified. We had 4 starters with glasses and no playing if no glasses?! We knew we will lose definitely, and very horribly. We tried our best, but the game didn’t lie. We finished the game 48 : 9 and we lost really badly. It was a horrible game, but we learned a lot from that game. That we need to improve A LOT!

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