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Life on Korea

When I was young I lived 4 years in China, and 4 years in America. When I was in America, life was all about playing around and I thought I didn’t need to study very hard if i lived in America. But after I turned 8 and when I arrived in Korea, things were a lot more different. When I first arrived in school, I saw a yellow, dusty old fashioned soccer field, and a red blocked school. When I entered the class, they were quiet, and focused on the teacher so badly, they didn’t even notice I entered the classroom. It was a complete disaster for me. I just thought, how am I suppose to live my whole 10 years like this. The first thing I did when I arrived in the class was a spelling test. And it was when I didn’t know Korean at all. I got a 0 on my test score, and I got punished my getting hit in the feet. It was a complete prison. I couldn’t even cry because I was too scared. And when I arrived home, I just kept thinking of going back to America. But I was alone, I didn’t know what to do…

And then after I went to school for a month, I met a friend who was interested in my weird conglish. I thought she was an angel who gave me chance to speak when I was alone. I then followed her every day and became friends with her. And soon, as I became more fluently on Korean, I became friends with numerous people, including older brothers and sisters, I became a school president when I was in 6th grade and I liked the living in Korea better than any other places. And I realized, that friendship is very important in human living…


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