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The theory of miasma

I read an article recently about the miasma theory. The basic theory about the miasma theory is proposed that all diseases such as cholera are all caused by miasma. It is simply meaning a noxious form of bad air. Miasma was considered a poisonous vapor filled with particles form decomposed with matter and other identifiable substances which contained a toxic smell. The theory of miasma was popular during the middle ages, and continued to be popular during the middle ages and continued to be popular up to the mid 1800’s. However, the theory was proved wrong and the professor explained why the theory was wrong. First of all, there are a lot more diseases such as germs and other harmful infections, and also, there are many diseases around this universe and that the diseases are all because of the miasma is just very old minded thinking. It was considered a very popular infection during the old days, however, many are gone these days and I believe that the germs are evolving every second we invent a new vaccine. So, these are the reason why the theory of miasma is wrong.

< The picture above is when the old people thought there was a witch who ate all the people up>

Miasma, the theory of disease: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miasma_theory_of_disease


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