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I have a friend who usually went to my same elementary school which was private. However, when he went to middle school, he went to a public school. He said when he first went there, there were some lower class guys such as the bully, and the middle class guys which are normal and have some friends hanging out which are the 90%, they have the elite class where they are the study major, and the highest class are the one who is the fighter for their class where they fight with other classes. We call them Il Jin in Korean. He then made a friend who was one of them and started to hang around with those guys and soon became like them too. He smoked, he drank, and fought with other guys. His life was totally messed up after that. However in this school, no bulley, no Il Jin(some posers), 99% regular guys. So we have to thank our parents for not sending us on regular school.


Source: http://secretgeek.net/4TypesOfStupid.asp


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