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I believe this world is improved a lot because of the television. Before the television was invened, the human beings didn’t have many entertainments in this world. However, after the television was invented, the humans had the most significant and entertaining event the human being could ever think of. Because of the television, the signal of the electric radio beam cased the companies to improve the digital radio signal and other inventors could have a new idea such as computers, mobile phones, and other scientific benefit that the humans could ever imagine.

First of all, the media companies could have more varieties of programs or shows, such as drama, news, and other movies. Because of the invention of television, many movie entertainment companies were made. Such as, the Hollywood, CJ entertainment, and other numerous movie entertainment companies around the world. And a lot of television media programs were invented such as MBC, SBS, CNN, and other popular TV channels. They could have competitions and other political benefits around this country.

Secondly, because the invention of the television, the humans could have the best entertainment without using their actual body around and burn your proteins. Also, other from that, Television could make human beings influence in many positive ways. They could actually feel many varieties of feelings such as sadness, happiness, horror, joyfulness, and many other kinds of feelings that man kind could make. It doesn’t require without having an “actual experience.” Which is also called the “imaginary experience.”

Third of all, the invention of the television gave economical, and scientific benefit. First of all, the invention of the television gave new inventions for the electronic companies such as the Computer, and the mobile phone companies. They could invent LCD monitors because of the idea of the television and because of the signal beam were upgraded,  the phone companies could be improved in a better way, and many companies could help off the government.

So for my conclusion, I believe the television gave huge ideas, and hope for the human beings. SO I believe the television made this world a better place.


Want to know more about the history of the television? come here!  – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Television


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