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1. Hang on little tomato by Pink Martini

Description: This type of song is good to listen when you always wake up in a bright Morning. This song always sounds warm and quiet. When I listen to this song, I can imagine sunlight shining into my room and fresh cold air ticking my ears as I wake up.

2. My Cherie Amour by Rod Stewart

Description: This artist has a very relaxed impressing husky voice which relaxes my mind and soul. This remix where Stevie Wonder and Rod Stewart has a harmony which is really impressing and touching song.

3. Song from the Snow by Real group

Description: This song is arranged with 5 part harmony and with various tones. There harmony really sounds warm and it really feels like it is snowing outside and the inside is very warm.

4. Warm December by Julie London

Description: This song was arranged in 1965 by Julie London. She has one of the most warm and cozy voice in the World. However, because the song is so short, I have to listen to this song for 2 or 3 times to get warm.

5. Angelina by Tommy Emmanuel

Description: This is a classical fingerstyle guitar song which is very popular in these days. This song feels very soft and warm and always think, wow, acoustic guitars can make such a beautiful sound.


I really recommend these 5 songs to listen when you want to relax our mind.











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