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One day, I wanted to have some information about Beethoven and his lifetime, and I read one article about “Emperor” which was Beethoven’s one of the best creation.

Before the was happened in 1809 where Napoleon started to conquer Austria, and where Beethoven lived. His city became conquered in 10 days with massive gun fights, bombs, and because of that he almost became deaf. However, he created some songs which were contained larger scale of music, more different kinds of emotion, and with great composing. He had created a masterpiece within his feeling towards the war. These are the songs that he had created and you can listen to the songs for free if you click the links below.

Ist, Allegro.

Description: This song shows big emotion during the fight and the sounds are so powerful that I can imagine being in the middle of the fight with both marching mighty, and also the soft parts of this music contains the rest and calmness without the war.

2nd, Adagio un poco mosso

Description: This song is what Beethoven made after the war, how peaceful and calm it is, and how dreadful the war was. And also the peace and happiness for all of the citizens who were in the town. I think this song is the best in within this album.

3rd, Rondo Allegro

Description: This is a song where Beethoven celebrates that the war has been finished. The music bounces with joy and with an happy end.

Citation: http://navercast.naver.com/contents.nhn?contents_id=4869&category_type=series


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