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Facts about fencing

I played fencing for more than a year from now, and what I felt towards fencing is very different from the ordinary people who didn’t play fencing. Many people think fencing doesn’t require much energy, you might die playing fencing, and much more. And I will give my responses what I felt playing fencing.

When I tries to play fencing at the first time, I thought this wouldn’t require much energy, so I didn’t warm up and didn’t care a lot. However, as I played with the teacher along, I thought this required more energy than playing basket-ball. The move for going back and forth constantly trying to attack and fool the player is not an easy job. And so I thought experience is the number 1 importance in fencing. There are numerous ways to attack a player with difference steps, fakes, and the angle of the sword when attacking. Also, for blocking, there are not that much blocking positions, but you need a lot of  focus if you are trying to block. These sources of fencing actually makes fencing hard as it can possibly be.

Many people think you might die because the mask could break, and sword might not flit and go straight into you chest, and much more. But the sword actually is very wiggly and hard to poke straight, however if you get hit hard, then in is real pain. I always had 4 or 5 bruises in one full match.

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