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Types of fencing

Most people think there are only one type of fencing matches. However, there are 3 types of fencing matches, both with different styles and rules.

The first style of fencing match is called epee. Eppe is allowed to hit anywhere in the body starting at the toe to the head. So the players are very careful of themselves, and the sword is very heavy than other two type of fencing. This match doesn’t end very fast because both players are very cautious with them selves.

The second type of match is called Sabre. Sabre is allowed to hit only your upper body. However, you dont actually need to poke the player, but you could win with just only the light touch on other players body. So eventually, this sword is very light and easy to swing around. However, if the both players hit the opponent at the same time, then they both raise up point when other two type of fencing match doesn’t and starts all over.

The Third type of Fencing match is called Foil. FOil is only allowed to hit the hip to your neck. You can’t hit the arms of the opponent and only the score counts if they hit the box of the body. This type of fencing is what I plays and which which requires a lot of focus on how to poke the opponent.

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