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I finally finished the great war in the battle field called the “school:, and the “academy.” After I finished fighting in the battle field called “academy”, I walked toward the subway station. I was backbreaking because of the great fight, however I finally found peace sitting on the subway train. Suddenly I felt a small head laying down on my shoulder.
I was suddenly surprised, a young boy was sleeping beside me with his head laying on my shoulder. He had round eyes that were closed, round and tangled face, slightly smiling. He wore a blue T-shirt with white strips, and jeans that matched the color of his T-shirt. I guess he thought I was his mom, so he grabbed my hand tight with his tiny little paw like hand. I thought he was cute, so I let him grab my hand.
Suddenly, he opened his wide shinny eyes, and started to wander around the subway. He stopped at where I was and he catches my eye and suddenly wept heavily in front of me.
Everyone suddenly all glanced at me thinking I did something bad to him. I had no choice but to take him out of the subway and talk to him why he was crying. “ Who are you, and why are you weeping so bad?” I asked, and he replied “Where’s my mom?” and started sobbing again.
I didn’t know what to do. I thought it was the wrong thing to let him sleep by my side, but if I leave him here, I would feel guilty and would feel sorry for him for the rest of my life. I decided to find his mom, and so we went up and asked the manager that I found a lost child in the subway. However, he replied “ sorry but I can’t help you because I am too busy”. I was in amazement. I never met a person so ignorant like this. I asked him “ can you just give an announcement on the station or something?” but he ignored me and started to pretend working on his computer. I was so mad I banged the door and angered, “ can you just listen to me for god sake?”. He suddenly rose up in his chair, threw his key board mouse to me and screamed “ xxxx off!!!!!!!!” and slammed the door shut.
I was furious. I didn’t care if the little boy cried or not. I thought the subway system would not go regularly because of this guy, and so I decided to do the right thing.
I called the police that there is a person who is physically abusing me with a weapon. Suddenly 3 minutes later, 5 policemen arrived in the subway station and arrested the subway manger. I thought I did the right job, and I was just happy.
I happily hopped back on the subway and sat down on the seat next to a young child…. “wait, a young child?”



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