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Love And Marriage

– Love: Love is one of the most valuable feelings that the god created for us. Because of that, we could feel anger, sorrow, and even happiness. Love can sometimes be complicated. I think love created every personality of human beings. Love between others can sometimes cross the line, and have opponents, and could also feel loneliness, but mostly happiness.

– Marriage: Marriage is one of the most important happenings that human beings have in their life time.

When it comes to Love and Marriage, with which Romeo and Juliet character do you most identify and why?

– I agree with Paris who said that they both have to agree with marriage and love. If someone doesn’t agree and have a marriage with force, her or his life could be very dreadful. If you get married, you will live with them forever, permanently. It is very important to choose who will they marry. The one who they choose to marry will stay with them forever will care for him or her and love him/her. They need to choose the right person who they want to stay with.


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